High Quality Instruments, Surveys and Consulting

Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd. has been involved in applying geophysics to mineral exploration, mine development and production, and numerous other geological investigations since its founding in 1962 by J. Duncan Crone. Although we are now best known for high quality Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) instruments and for the pioneering of surface, borehole, and underground methods and instrumentation, we also pioneered many of the early IP, VLF and other electrical methods. Many of the terms commonly used by explorationists today relating to TDEM such as; Pulse-EM, PEM and DEEPEM were all developments by Crone Geophysics.

The company is now employee-owned, creating an enthusiastic team, and a solid Canadian Identity. Over the years, the company has provided surface and borehole geophysical instruments, consulting services, and contract surveys to leading exploration and mining groups throughout the world. We have proudly worked with our many clients to jointly develop unique methods which have assisted in the discovery and definition of numerous ore-bodies around the world, and we are an integral part of the exploration philosophy of many mining companies.

Crone Geophysics has always been actively involved in Research and Development and continue to make continual improvements to our instrumentation and survey techniques to meet ever changing needs of our clients.

Our unique position as a manufacturer and a survey contractor has tremendous benefits. As a survey contractor, we can rely on the full support of our technical and manufacturing department to provide the most up-to-date equipment, technical excellence, minimal downtime, and high field efficiency. As a manufacturer, we can continually improve our gear as a result of direct feedback and rigorous field testing by our most demanding customer, our own field crews.