Crone provides and designs a number of survey and interpretation methods to optimize results while remaining cost efficient. Crone offers a full suite of EM sensors for both borehole and surface surveys, including:

  • Standard Induction Coil (dB/dt), Fluxgate and SQUID (B-Field) sensors for surface surveys
  • Standard Induction Coil (dB/dt), Fluxgate (B-Field), Magnetometer and Accelerometer (Probe/hole orientation) sensors for Borehole Surveys.

Synchronization is achieved either through Cable, or Clock for a variety of Loop configurations and access points. Loop configurations and survey methods include:

  • Large Fixed Loop (DEEPEM) with high power transmitters for data quality, and  maximum depth penetration
  • Butterfly Configuration, developed by Crone in conjunction with Noranda for maximum coupling and deep penetration
  • Moving loop for shallow targets of unknown orientation