Engineering, R&D and Manufacturing

Integrated for excellence. Optimized for exploration.

Crone has been at the leading edge of geophysical technology development for over five decades. Our unique position as a designer/manufacturer and a survey contractor has tremendous benefits. As a contractor, we can rely on the full support of our technical and manufacturing department to provide the most up-to-date equipment, technical excellence, minimal down time and high field efficiency. As a manufacturer, we can continually improve our equipment as a result of rigorous field-testing by our most demanding customer, our own field crews.

This gives Crone a significant advantage as we get immediate feedback on what is needed to improve our equipment and techniques. It has led to many industry firsts for us, including the first commercially available time domain EM system and the first truly digital TDEM receiver. More recently, we were the first Canadian company to build and operate borehole MMR systems.

In addition, we work hard to make our equipment rugged, reliable and portable, efficient at working in extremes of temperature and humidity. For borehole probes, we have the additional concerns of high water pressure and long battery life, while keeping the probe diameter as small as possible.

Crone prides itself on working with clients to develop and integrate geophysical systems to meet their most challenging and ever-changing exploration requirements. We further support our clients by providing custom manufacturing, equipment rentals and training.