Field Services & Surveys

Explore with a proven pathfinder.

Crone’s field personnel are among the finest. We provide them with extensive training in both instrumentation usage and field procedures. Add to that training, experience working in remote areas, in the cold of the Arctic, or the heat of deserts and jungles, and you have a team that’s prepared to conduct geophysical surveys in any location, under most conditions. Combine this team with our robust equipment and you can understand why our clients rely on us to perform surveys that get results.

Mining Surveys

  • Exploration – detect nickel, copper, other base metals, PGEs, gold, silver, uranium, diamonds, conductive geological units.
  • Development – define boundaries and size of the conductive ore.
  • Production – reduce drilling by exploring between boreholes.

Contract Surveys

  • Specializing in surface and borehole time-domain EM surveys.
  • Worldwide EM and MMR surveys (IP, Magnetics, VLF and Gravity surveys using sub-contractors).


  • Planning and management of worldwide exploration programs.
  • Presentation, interpretation and computer modeling of geophysical data.
  • Training of field staff and supervision of survey operations.

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