Why Pulse-EM

Explore with confidence worldwide.

Today, many major components of a Ground TDEM system are commercially available from various equipment manufacturers who supply multiple industries globally. Many service providers construct their Ground EM systems using components from a number of different manufacturers, and rely on 3rd party development and technical support.

With over 52 years of experience in geophysical equipment design, manufacturing and worldwide survey experience, Crone understands the importance of having all components designed to work together, considering the various climates, terrains, locations and accessibility Mineral Exploration requires. For over 35 years, the Crone developed Pulse-EM system (a TDEM system) has been in use and in continual development to ensure reliability, accuracy and above all safety. Today at Crone Geophysics, we have one main focus – Pulse-EM Equipment and Surveys for the Mining Exploration Industry.

Crone’s unique position as the developer, manufacturer and survey contractor of the Pulse-EM system has tremendous benefits. As a contractor, we can rely on the full support of our technical and manufacturing department to provide the most up-to-date equipment, technical excellence, minimal downtime, and high field efficiency. As a developer and manufacturer, we can provide cost efficient rentals, maintain a high volume of equipment to provide spares and site back-ups, and continually improve our gear as a result of direct feedback and rigorous field testing by our most demanding customer – our own field crews.

The Pulse-EM system has unique features that set it apart from the competition, such as current monitoring and highly accurate waveform for modelling and Step transformation accuracy. The “Step” transformation is an exclusive feature of the Pulse-EM system that detects high conductance sources that may lie outside the time window of most TDEM systems, and is an important QC tool. Other features and benefits include extreme temperature operation, portability, ease of use and operation, and cost efficiency. Crone’s Pulse-EM system incorporates every component of hardware, software, electronics, support and technology required for high quality borehole and surface surveys, all of which are developed and manufactured in-house and backed by 52 years of exploration and survey experience.

From its initial development in conjunction with Noranda in 1972, to its exclusive use by Crone and its affiliates for Contract Surveys, the Pulse-EM system has contributed to the discovery of many significant mineral deposits around the word, including Voiseys Bay, Lalor, and Raglan.

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